About Me

About Me

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Georgie Morrell is a stand-up comedian, writer, blogger and actress. I do my stand-up show A Poke in the Eye and am wokrign on the enxt one, The Morrell Highground. I also do improv, sketch, stand-up, compere, podcasts and a bit of acting. I graduated Drama Studio London in 2011. Go to this link if you want to my full, pouting CV. For comedy CV go here -http://www.comedycv.co.uk/georgiemorrell/index.html.

I write for and am deputy editor of topical website The New Establishment. Click the link to find out more.

I write for The Huffington Post-http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/author/georgie-morrell. I am contributor to RNIB Insight magazine and RNIB Campaignes-https://www.rnib.org.uk/rnibconnect/young-people-families/Comedian-Georgie-on-blindness

I co host a podcast! Queen of the Hungle! Welcome to the Hungle! https://soundcloud.com/user-33667106/4-sex-and-relationships-part-1Subscribe to us on Itunes! Tweet us @hunglequeens


Latest Updates-A Poke in the Eye was @ The Soho Theatre and got rave reviews! https://www.londontheatre1.com/news/149345/georgie-morrell-a-poke-in-the-eye-soho-theatre-review. /

A Poke in the Eye is the part autobiographical, part fiction, part sexy new comedy written by partially-sighted actress Georgie Morrell.

One woman. One eye. And her (sort of) blind life…

Do your other senses really get stronger? Is it wrong to crack onto your doctor? Will I get a new eye that shoots lasers?

Just some of the many questions our heroine answers whilst telling us how she went blind but now she can see… literally. Recounting stories of doctors, sexual fantasies, binge drinking, (sometime all at the same time) family dramas and drug use. We hear a unique account of what it is to face inevitable blindness with her very own brand of humour. LOL! Being disabled is her excuse to do exactly what she wants, say what she wants and live her one eyed life as she wants.

My stand-up show A Poke in the Eye is off to Leicester Comedy Festival! 23rd and 25th February. http://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/georgie-morrell-a-poke-in-the-eye-2//

Listen to me chatting about my show last year on BBC Ouch! Get me!

A Poke in the Eye hits the Manchester Women in Comedy Festival this October! http://www.womenincomedy.co.uk/festival/24th_Oct.html/

A few cheeky reviews from my Edinburgh run! http://www.rnib.org.uk/rnibconnect/lifestyle-and-leisure/lifestyle/new-comedy-show-explores-sight-loss. https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/poke-in-the-eye/


Want to hear me chat?! Well you can! #podcastadventures https://podcastadventures.com/2016/07/02/episode-23-georgie-and-natasha-the-partially-sighted-comedians-ed-friends/

"Ultimately, A Poke in the Eye was surprisingly funny and not at all what I was expecting. I, along with the rest of the audience was thoroughly entertained. In my mind, I would have loved it to go on longer but then realised that we were dealing with someone’s disability here. I have to admit that if the worst ever happens to me, I hope I can face it with half the strength of character that Georgie showed because then I know I will survive-https://www.londontheatre1.com/news/149345/georgie-morrell-a-poke-in-the-eye-soho-theatre-review/

"Overacting, repetitions and exaggerations are in place when it comes to a piece like this and Georgie Morrell as Samantha is very good at characterising it, playing a diva with red lips, cigarette and sexy dress that manages to seduce every male on earth, including our detective Johnny."
Vesna Hauschild, London Pub Theatres 2016

"Get a look in for tickets if you can. And keep your good eye open for sightings of this remarkable comic and semi-visionary writer. It’s way better than the thing with the sharp stick."
A Poke in the Eye M. Laura Thomas, London Pub Theatres 2015

"A stand out performance came from Georgie Morell as 'C-list Celebrity', Natalie Dawkins. She portrayed the character perfectly and had the audience in stitches on many occasions."
West End Frame 2013

"Georgie Morrell is great in her diva role. Every catwalk move screams of celebrity on a hangover and her pretentious sexiness and narcissistic attention-grabbing is just spot on. She is hilarious in her shorts and fur, tripping over as she tries to woo her saviour Rob with champagne in one hand and smartphone in the other."
Property, Everything Theatre 2013

As soon as Georgie bounds out onto the floor, you can see how she managed to find humour even in this dark period of her life. She gives off waves of positive energy and seems like a woman very much in control of her audience, engaging everyone so confidently you wouldn't expect she only has one good eye. '-Metro Blind Sport-2016.
Upcoming Shows

A Poke in the Eye

A Poke in the Eye is currently in development as a radio sitcom with producer Andy Goddard.


5th/6th July. Georgie Morrell Double Bill @ Writer's Avenue Season @The Courtyard Theatre, London 2017.

17th June Hasting Comedy Festival. Ye Olde Pump House. 2017

23-25th May 8pm @ The Warren, Brighton Fringe Festival 2017.

30th April 7.30pm. Vaulty Towers, London.

18th March 2.30pm Soho Comedy Lab, Soho Theatre, London.

19th March 6pm Finding the Funny, Camden Comedy Club, London.

16th 7.30pm Hatch #2 Southwark Platform, London.

8th March. @ Backyard Comedy Club. BBC Ouch! Live Storytelling Event.

3rd March 7.30pm @ RC Comedy, Rose and Crown Kentish Town. .2017

2nd March 7.30pm @ Newham Smokers, Darwin College, Cambridge.2017.

23rd and 25th February @ The Regent Bar and Duffys, Leicester Comedy Festival 2017.

9th Feb 73.30th Vyse Squad, Camden Comedy Club, London.

3rd February London Improv Theatre, London. @2017.

18thJanuary, the Miller, Hoopla Improv, London.

2nd January, The Night @ The Bill Murray, London.

17th December, Soho Theatre, London.

13th December, RC Comedy, London.

24th November, Comedy Mash, Folkstone.

26th October The Diodes Harold Improv @ The Arts Space, London

24th October A Poke in the Eye, Women in Comedy Night @ Gullivers Lounge, Manchester.

22nd and 23rd October Compere/MC for Open Mic Women in Comedy Night @ Gullivers Lounge, Manchester.

20th October-SUTC Charity gig-Blackpool. 7.30pm.

18th October- Brew Ha Ha, Essex. 7.30pm.

16th October-7.30pm. Sunday Stick @ Rose and Crown, London

11th and 12th October 7pm. Soho Theatre-A Poke in the Eye.

19th September The Diodes Improv-The Katzen.

16th September- Starfish Comedy, London

4th-28th August. A Poke in the Eye @ Just the Tonic-The Caves. Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

29th July 7pm Hope N Mics. Fundraising for RLSB @Kobi Nazrul Centre

19th-9.30pm / 23rd 2.30pm July 2016: A Poke in the Eye @ Kings Head Theatre #46 Festival

17th July 2016 1.30pm A Poke in the Eye @ Fringe in a Day, Angel Comedy, London. www.tickettext.co.uk/georgie-morrell/a-poke-in-the-eye-edinburgh-preview-14062016

9th July 2016: Brainchild Comedy Night @ BrainChild Festival. http://2016.brainchildfestival.co.uk

8th July 2016:7.30pm A Poke in the Eye @ Hen & Chickens. Double bill with Naomi Petersen! https://www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/buy-tickets/?ee=724

4th July Improv @ Katzen Harold Night The Diodes Team-Monkey Toast.

2nd July2016 Soho Thetare Comedy Lab Sharing http://sohotheatre.com/whats-on/comedy-lab-plus-sharing/

30th June 2016 Guest Appearance on 'Ed and Friends' Podcast

15th June 2016. Fundraising for Funny @ Ophelia Theatre.

17th June 2016. Guest Appearance on The LIL Show @theLILshow

14th June 2016 7.30pm A Poke in the Eye @ Backyard Comedy Club.

12th May 2016 7.30pm Monkey Toast Improv @ Clapham Omnibus

9 March 2016: Crowley & Co. Variety Night @ Wenlock & Essex

8 March 2016: Harold Night Level 3 Improv @ The Proud Archivist

25 - 28 November 2015: A Poke in the Eye @ Canal Café Theatre



If you want to have a chat with me or get me involved in any writing or gigs etc then drop me an email... go for it…I might even reply…Or just follow me! Everyone else is!!